Friday, 20 February 2015

Get Insane!

I'm going to start this post by saying I am the furthest from a fitness freak you could imagine. Just get that image into your head, right got it, now I have done Insanity THREE times, and I friggin love it!

If you have seen the sales adverts for this fitness program, or even done it yourself, you will know that its pretty hard core. I first started Insanity about three years ago, I was a little on the chunky side, but more then that I was unfit, eating all the bad stuff and generally unhappy with myself.

It was actually my husband who suggested that we give it a go, he was a lot fitter then I was, so I decided straight away that I would not do the actually excercises with him, or in front of him, no one needs to see that hot mess!

The program starts off with a fit test, which I barely made it through alive, but I gave it all I had! The first week was awful, I used muscles I never thought I had, I was barely completing any of the exercises and I was tired...but then the second week started and I found I could do things a bit more, I was starting to feel strong and had bags of energy!

I decided to weigh myself on fit test days only, I can't remember how much I lost each time, but over the 60 days I lost 1 and a half stone! More then that I felt I could do anything!

I have since done it again, although not as strictly on the food, when I felt I needed a pick me up, or when I was going on holiday.

My husband has been doing his third round since January and looks fantastic!

As I had a baby, did zilch exercise during my pregnancy due to the pesky c-section, I decided not to jump straight into Insanity, but tried the T-25 program, its really good, although I don't feel as I have had as much of work out as I did with Insanity.

I agree that this is not something for everyone, and I recommend getting checked out by the doctor first (I did as I have asthma so I ran it past my nurse first), you have to be dedicated, but at the end of the day, its 60 DAYS! It will really change your life for the better!

By the end of it you will love Shaun T!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Organise Your Closet

Being organised is something that does not come easily to me, I hate to say it, but I am the girl who's always late, who's always forgotten the wine/pudding/purse and I'm ALWAYS running around the house an hour before guests are arriving because the house looks like a bomb's hit it!

But then I had a baby, and the everlooming deadline of returning to work has made me re-evaluate the decision of being this girl, and becoming, at least the smallest bit, more orgainised and prepared.

I decided to begin this whole new me with my closet, therefore cutting out the sitting on the floor surrounded by a ton of clothes that no longer fit me, or anything thats not ironed, or nothing that should have ever been purchased in the first place!

So  I dragged the entire contents of my wardrobe and chest of drawers into our spare room and began by making piles of clothes that needed to be binned, could be donated or that I would keep.

I only kept items that I can currently wear, so nothing too big or small. I streamlined everything, because lets face it, who needs 15 t-shirts*

Once this was done I then decided to go through the clothes I was keeping and fix any issues, like button fixing. I then ironed everything and placed them all back.

I can't say its changed my life having a more organised closet, but my mornings are more calm now that I don't have to pick through an overstuffed drawer, especially now that Fred is requiring more attention, so my time is best spent else where!

*I didn't have 15 t-shirts, I did however have 4 skirts that have not fitted me since I was 17...I am now 29! 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How to get over being a blog failure...

Some of you may know that this is not my first blog, or dare I say my second...or third...I am a little bit of a blog w*&%e

Let me explain how, and why I got this far, I first started off wedding blogging, and had two blogs, that were never really read (THANK GOD!), then I found my niche, and off I set with a semi-successful blog for about three years. I loved it, I loved the comments, the details, the late nights and even the admin! I re-designed the blog and had it just where I wanted it, then my Mum found out she had cancer, I found I no longer had the time available to put what I wanted into it, then the scheduling went out the window, then the quality of the posts that I did manage to put together. So I came up with a solution of joining up with someone else, share the load, and I just didn't work well...I wanted a partner, and I found I was still carrying most of the weight. My Mum came through and got better, but by then it just came to a point where I couldn't save the blog...and it ended.

Over the last few years since I have tried to launch something new, but nothing ever really fits. So I took time off, about a year.

Its been a brilliant year, we went to Italy and had the time of our lives, we socialised a LOT with friends, oh, and had a baby!!! Sold and bought a new house, with a stay at the in laws in between, and finally now after the busy Christmas period I decided to try one more time. But do things a wee bit different.

It took me a while to forgive myself for the other blogs, and to be honest, not to be embarrassed by their existence. I chose to make them part of my learning curve, and took them as a lesson to bring me to this point.

Forgiveness is a huge part of life, and I believe you can't move on until you can do this.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Hello & Welcome!


Welcome to my blog, and my very first blog post.

I always love looking back at peoples blogs for their first post, but, weirdly when I came to write this one, I was a bit stuck about what to say!

So firstly let me show your around, please visit the About page to learn a little more about me, and this blog. If you want to get in contact, or even share a story, craft project or recipe, please feel free to get in touch!

This week is looking pretty jammed pack, tomorrow I have written a post about how I moved on from being a failure, this is all about how I moved on from having two failed blogs. I will also be sharing this week the first of 10 steps to a more organised you, the Insanity fitness regime, and introducing you to our wedding feature!

I really do hope you stick around!

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