Hello and welcome to my blog, my name is Lizzie, I'm 29, married and have a little boy called Fred.
I LOVE to sew, bake and decorate. I am obsessed with dots and stripes, my current favourite colour is sage (not sure why?!) Oh, and I love cats!

What does it mean?
Better be a cat is a little saying I heard a long time ago, and its something I say to myself often, usually when a nap is needed, when I need a back bone, or when I do something I want to do when others might not agree, because lets face it, cats do what they want, when they want and no-one can tell them otherwise!
It's about being brave, doing what you believe in....and often with sass!

What is the blog about?
Here I hope you will find a support network of like minded women who are interested in similar topics. I will discuss all things fashion, home, d├ęcor, business, careers, babies, weddings and much more!
I love opinions, discussions and helpful comments, so please get in touch!
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